Saturday, December 22, 2007

Journey to the Desert, by Way of Brooklyn

I am a writer and crafter who moved to the desert in 2006. I am inspired by the rugged nature of our desert and the cultures and traditions celebrated here. I try to take a stand on being eco-conscious.
I traveled here, first for business, then for family fun, each year starting in 1986. Something about the wide open spaces, the earth-color pallete and the glorious mountains called to me. Luckily it called to my husband as well and…when our son Brett graduated college…we picked up and started a new journey. Brooklyn, New York will always be my first love and my home. But the move to the Southwest has stimulated me and inspired new directions in my life.
Now I like to create lovely things from repurposed materials. I use buttons, natural fibers and other vintage or found items to craft one-of-a-kind tucson cowgirl gift baskets or surprise balls.

I believe in the cowgirl aesthetic, which I've learned from wise, strong individuals here in the Southwest:

Love and honor the land
Be inspired, be ethical
Take inspiration and energy from mother nature and our native cultures, but always give gifts of yourself in return, and never take more than you need.

The desert calls to many of us. I'm a cowgirl of a strange sort, finding a home in this majestic place.

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ehelfand said...

We all wish we could just uproot ourselves and move to...well...just somewhere different. The last time it happened to me my parents moved my brother and me from Israel to the US. From Queens, New York I moved twice within the borough and to New Jersey, where I've managed to inhibit six different localities within the Garden State. My son moved to New Hampshire. He talks of moving to North Carolina next.
I would love to, someday, find myself in warmer climates. At least where snow shoveling is an infrequent happening.
Enjoy where you are Monica. Mentally and Physically. Let the world be good to you.