Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Hedgehog That Imitated Art

I love my spiny little hedgehog cactus that blooms with beautiful crimson cups this time of year. The hedgehog is usually one of the first cacti to bloom, signalling spring is here in the desert.

This native of the Sonoran mountain desert is so tiny but so beautiful. I've learned that the little cups of flowers stay open at night (different than most cactus flowers) and are used by Native Americans as the main ingredient in a delicious sweet cake.

This cactus can be so small that if you didn't look closely, you might miss it while walking around the desert. And because of that, it forces you to slow down and scan for the treasures hidden within the desert pallet.

Remember, it is good to think big. But it's also important to think small...and enjoy tiny wonders, like the claret cup cactus.


Leigh said...

And they are the most amazing shade of crimson that you've ever seen. And I should know. This one is right in our front yard!

Jennifer said...

I love the purple Hedgehogs the best, but maybe because I have never seen a red one this shade before. I love a blooming desert!