Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lessons Learned from a Crafty Mermaid

Don't get excited -- This isn't a provocative post. Just some thoughts on my little mermaid ornament, handmade in Santa Fe. Peggy - the Queen of Tucson Quilting- gave Ms. Mermaid to me Friday night, during a fun dinner with friends, wine, polenta and chocolate.

From her neatly-sewn turquoise fabric fins and finely-threaded eyes down to her very impressive upper torso, I love Ms. Mermaid. She dangles from my desk lamp pull-chain and smiles as I work. Beyond her form and color I am taken with what she seems to be telling me. So let me share her message with you:
  • Be daring in your quest for life. If you hide behind the covers you'll never see the sunshine.

  • When you're out there on your own, completely vulnerable to the world, remember to smile even though you're half-naked.

  • And if you meet up with someone with their b____ hanging out, don't get distracted. People may hide behind flamboyant exteriors, often just out of insecurity.

  • When you're comfortably stuck in shades of black, treat yourself to a wild palette of orange and turquoise. Discover the benefits of new, crazy combinations.

  • The smallest objects contain amazing messages. Take the time to study details in the big picture.

  • Humor is an essential ingredient. We can't take ourselves too seriously all of the time.

That's my philosophy for the day. Thanks to Peggy for friendship. For the gift of unexpected humor. And for such a crafty, colorful, endowed mermaid!


Leigh said...

I'd nominate her as the new Starbucks icon.
Nice post, too.

Heather Rankin said...

Great outlook on life. Sometimes it is the small gifts which snap us to reality!

Michelle said...

Wonderful little mermaid, and wonderful lessons. I love her too!

Peggy said...

I'm glad you love her so much, Monica. I guess good things really do come in small packages! And who else but you would read so much meaning into that little sea creature. Thanks for your inspiration, this time and always.

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Jennifer said...

Sorry I missed the evening! Great post with nice lessons!