Sunday, January 18, 2009

I remember. I hope, again.

That cold January 48 years ago I ran home from school to read my family's Life magazine and gaze at its cover. A new day, I thought to myself happily. I read that magazine over and over, and saved it along with other treasures in my drawer throughout the rest of grammar school, high school and, yes, even into college. I packed it with my special things when I got married and moved to my own apartment. Even when I moved to my house, even when my son was born, even when I moved again to the deserts of Tucson, I kept that magazine among my special books.

Thought you'd want to see the cover of the Life magazine I saved. I have a few (like commemorating the moon landing) from those years of early dreaming. Those who know me are familiar with my love of collecting certain books and papers and, yes, they're right, I save way too many. But I'm glad I saved my Life magazine. It may not publish anymore, but it certainly represents precious journalism to me.

All of us have our dreams. So many years ago the young Kennedy family helped give me hope, helped fuel my own dreams. I owe so much to them for their leadership, the energy they transmitted that cold January in 1961.

And so it shall be on Tuesday. Another young family, fueling more dreams across America. I send my blessings to the Obama family to be energizing, good, inspiring leaders - spreaders of hope, peace, renewed balance, ethics, and earned prosperity. May they hold on to the values that helped them achieve such heights. May we all pass on those same values and a better world to our children, so the future will fulfill new dreams. May it be so.

What will you save from Tuesday, to help you rekindle your dreams?


Anonymous said...

I am much older than you,my dear,but I too love Arizona/New Mexico (live in California now but was raised in Texas). I had a 3 years old and was expecting my second child when I decided I would go to downtown Houston so Liz could tell people (even if she didn't remember) she had seen President Kennedy. He looked much younger and very tanned from his vacation in Florida as he walked out of the Rice Hotel and climbed in the back of a comfortable. The next day I watched on TV as he was shot--I couldn't believe that he was gone. It is something I remember each November.

Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

Yes, for our generation, that November day is forever in our hearts. Thank you for taking the time to share your memory.