Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kuzu and Serendipity in Tucson

A joyful encounter, thanks to Twitter.
I recently connected with @buddhagirlAZ, who turns out to be Hazel – Tucsonan, filmmaker, artist, metal sculptor and mom to two artistic and imaginative young women – Laurel and Mariko. All three have opened a lovely studio and shop down east near Tucson Electric Park. In fact, I’ve passed the Ajo Way warehouse space many times – not knowing another innovative slice of Tucson life was incubating there.

I’m speaking about Tucson’s Kuzu Salon, located at 1991 E. Ajo Way, Suite 161, directly after you make the turn off Kino. It’s brand new, and filled with lovely, fine fashion, jewelry, art and sculpture. The space is a pleasure to experience: All around you see inventive use of objects that imaginatively display handmade fiber art, apparel, jewelry, stationery and other fine stuff. In back, past a gorgeous metal door I’ll liken to a sculpted wall hanging, you find Hazel’s studio and workspace for all the welding and creation that’s underway. Everywhere you look there are artistic materials and tools, pieces in the works or completed—the space is presented with colors and design in such a way that makes even a studio tour an arty experience. My favorite space was the sewing room upstairs, where I saw fabrics and old books all adding to a wonderful energy.
In the Kuzu studio and retail space there is much to explore (and purchase)! My find was a pretty t-shirt altered with ribbons of a pretty vintage scarf. It’s fanciful and it makes me happy. I’ll return for more treasures, I’m sure. I know Kuzu's altered artistic creations and the Preen designs each have their own unique characteristics, but I sense some synergy in the visions there.
Every day I find another reason to validate our journey here in Tucson. A small city of potential and vibrancy under cover. Diverse, talented individuals in creative pockets everywhere. In a setting of great wonder – the Sonoran Desert. All of it makes me feel strengthened and blessed. I wish Kuzu Salon much success.


h.colditz said...

from nyc to tucson..we meet thru twitter! how the universe works just confirms my belief in "karma"! so glad you are here in tucson, we are lucky/grateful to have your presence and passion w/life!
look forward to your return here in our humble salon of mystery.

Julie Ray said...

Lovely description of Kuzu Salon, a true Tucson gem! I hope many more Tucsonans discover it.

Lynn said...

Wow. I just heard of Kuzu while in Chicago last week (and just found your blog via Ravelry).

Small, small world!

Michelle said...

Wow, cool artist, cool work, cool place! Will try to make it there for the next event!