Sunday, December 6, 2009

All I Need Is All I Got*

Just returning from a trip to my beloved New York City-- I ponder the meaning of what's important these days.  Maybe it's because dusty Tucson has forced me to look within, to patiently listen and watch for what is truly beautiful and important around me. Maybe it's because I am at that magic age (60) and I am coming to grips with what is truly critical in my life. 

Whatever the reason -- during this trip to my over-stimulating Manhattan, I looked at my city, what it offers and all the buzz within it, in an entirely different way.

No matter how my wants-needs change these days, the vision of what I want remains constant. It is the scene of two people I love, with a great cityscape behind them, and a Levi Guy billboard sign and tagline* off in the distance (do you see it over Leigh's right shoulder?) that says it all: All I Need Is All I Got.


Leigh said...

I can't believe you beat me to it!
I was gonna post the same pic and draw attention to that sign.
Well I guess the saying is, you snooze, you lose.
Only in this case, I win.
Thanks Monica.
With love,

Leigh said...

And another thing. I forgot to mention in my comment, that the picture I was gonna post was of MONICA and Brett, not of me.

Brett said...

Who are those handsome young men??