Sunday, August 22, 2010

Local Treasures

What roots you to a community? For me -- Food and architecture figure prominently in creating my sense of place and community quality of life.

So I want to share these two favorite examples that help me celebrate a Tucson sense of place:

Regarding Food: Off Arivaca Road heading out of Amado, the road curves and a farm appear to the south. Cattle graze and chickens lay gorgeous pastel eggs nearby an historic hacienda. It's Walking J Farm, part of the Double Check Ranch family. I met Jim McMannus the other day, and he graciously selected some eggs for us although the farm`stand was not yet open for seasonal business.On Sundays this fall you'll be able to visit the farm and purchase eggs, fresh steak and poultry and other good eats. Jim also conducts farm workshops and tours on selected days September and October.

Regarding Architecture: The Scottish Rite Masonry has been active in Tucson since 1875, but the lovely Scottish Rite Cathedral downtown that still houses the organization was officially dedicated in 1916. The Cathedral houses much history and fantastic detail -- wonderful art, stained glass, archive photos and plaques are found throughout the amazing building. I was in the main theatre of the Cathedral for a recent performance and, oh my, what a grand stage. It is a great example of the rich architecture and traditions hidden in the nooks and crannies of our city.


stevesurf said...

Food and architecture...go great together, and the eggs look delicious :)

NSP said...

Thanks for this value able post. I have read all the things very carefully its really a helpful and effective post.