Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tucson Time

Winds are blowing and hot desert days are here. Snowbirds flee and gee, I must be a desert rat, because I revel in the reduced numbers on our dusty streets.

The heat makes me focus more, on little things. I watch the javelina taking it slower. A parade of them lumbered past us, up the trail adjoining our house, making their way to their daily stomping grounds. Our mother dove sits patiently on her newborns, who are quiet having just been fed.

I'll let my iPhone speak for me now. Please see more about my Tucson at my website's corral.


Jon Parsons said...

I love this! Yes driving our bumpless, free flowing streets of Tucson does get a little easier when the Snowbirds flee

gonzo39 said...

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