Sunday, April 29, 2012

Writing and Culture, Tucson and Italy

Author Ana Castillo creates cultural magic with her words. I'm a fan of words that weave stories of heritage and family, and I look forward to her visit to Tucson on Friday, May 4, at the John Valenzuela Youth Center 1550 South 6th Avenue, South Tucson, 6:30 PM.

Family history is important to me now. Like so many immigrants in the early 1900s, my grandparents came to the United States to seek new opportunities after devastating Reggio Calabria Italy earthquakes. They cared about family but they wanted their children to look ahead. No Italian was spoken to me; no stories about lineage were passed along. I'm working now to revive the links to my heritage.

I wrote more about this, and about author Castillo's upcoming talk in my blog here. I hope her reading focuses on unifying, universal cultural messages. I would have wanted that for myself in my childhood education, and I want it for Mexican-American students who seek knowledge about their own family roots.

The photo is from the 2012 International Mariachi Conference, a Tucson tradition held again just this past week. Viva heritage of all kinds!

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