Sunday, June 10, 2012

Writing Family Stories, My Process in Folklore Research

I love this collection of handwork by my grandmother. Domenica Giuffre was a master of threads -- she worked magic with embroidery, crochet, beading and the fine techniques of sewing.

There's a history behind her skills. Her techniques are based in the exquisite traditional arts of Sicilian drawn threadwork and Italian lace crochet. As I learn more about my family history, I am humbled by how important heritage is to quality of life and to our sense of community.

I am lucky to have a few precious pieces of my grandmother's work and a few photos. Although I wish I had more material items to hold and display, I'm grateful for what I have. Legacy is in our hearts, yes?

I recently completed a class on folklore study and research. I hope to write more about my grandparents, my Italian heritage and the traditional arts my grandparents practiced. I'll post more in the months ahead about my Italy trip and my family arts, but, for now, please read about my Tucson field school experience in folklore writing.

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