Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sonoran Surprise Ball

This holiday I made a surprise ball of vintage and repurposed fabric, papers and found treasures.

I have so many holiday memories of surprise balls from my childhood. Every Christmas, my Dad would bring home these beautiful little pieces of art from Manhattan...or Mom would decorate balls of paper or fabric. Thick with ribbons, colorful sequins and threads, these balls stuffed with tiny treasures inside brought magic to my Christmas Day.

I donated my surprise ball to a local nature center fundraiser...and my son purchased it (thank you, Brett!) Back in New York we opened the ball and enjoyed its surprise.

The Sonoran desert is a long way from Brooklyn, NY, but it has its own special magic. It inspired me to craft a surprise ball reminiscent of a tradition that still warms my heart.

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Leigh Spigelman said...

What a wonderful idea. And Monica, you are amazingly creative. Be happy always in your new surroundings, no matter where they may be.