Monday, December 31, 2007

Socks Are Not an Everyday Knitting Project

Enthusiastically I purchased Regia wool, with textile striping and colors evocative of the Sonoran desert. Of course I wanted to knit the beautiful fiber into a pair of socks as a gift to Brett during the holidays. So I jumped into my project around September.

Socks are a somewhat complicated activity for this old took a long time. Turning the heel and picking up those stiches were sometimes was the fact that I knitted the second sock more tightly than the first. But I finished, and Brett appreciated. At least he can always say his mom knitted him a pair of (albeit funky) socks. Here are the results.

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Jennifer said...

Oy, we started on AUGUST 24! I finished my pair on December 23, whast a feat (pun intended). I hope Brett is enjoying them as much as my dad is enjoying his!