Monday, December 31, 2007


OK, it's New Year's eve, time to contemplate the future. Oy, what a world we have wrought. It's "some fine mess" as Laurel and Hardy reminds us.

But, look ahead. Many of us are coming out of our silos to partner in good things. "Our horizon is as distant as our mind's eye wishes it to be," said Jim Casey, founder of United Parcel Service (UPS, the greatest logistics company in the world), many years ago. UPS celebrated its 100th anniversary this year. Jim's wise words (and leadership) certainly figured in where UPS is today.

So let's look out at our own distant horizons, take hands and give comfort as we can, and will the future to contain peace, healing, balance, fun, and respect for all.

One more note: Happy 35th anniversary, Leigh! On New Year's eve, 1972, we never could have imagined where we would be decades hence. Here's hoping that decades from now we'll look back together, still amazed at the journey. And at the horizons ahead.

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