Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Housewarming Gift from Brooklyn

When I was packing up my New York home for our move to Tucson, I chanced upon an old box. My mom had packed it after dad died, way back when we still lived in Brooklyn, New York. The box contained some rusted tools from my dad and my grandparents. After my mom died, I kept that box in my garage, and although the tools were never used again, I would not part with the box. But now I was headed to Tucson, and I was in the midst of a sort-and-pack frenzy for our crazy move west. All this was a bit melancholy, as I still wasn't sure why I was leaving everyone and everything I loved for so many unknowns. I wished my parents were still here to encourage, even to enjoy the move with me.

Perhaps it was coincidence, but just as I sadly reached the bottom of the box, I found a very old ruler...from...guess where....Tucson. The ruler is from a Broadway Village Hardware (which doesn't exist anymore). That ruler was more than half a century old, hidden with its special message. I am imagining that my grandmother (who did beading and crocheting and seamstress work for NY Opera) might have purchased some fabric or beads from the store back in the 1940s, but I honestly don't know. Also, my dad was in the Army Air Force, and although I have no record of him coming through Tucson, he could have gotten the ruler for my grandmother on a trip through the city on his way to his assignment in the Pacific.

Somehow that ruler got in the bottom of that box. You may think I'm crazy, but I am certain my parents and grandparents meant for me to find it as I struggled with my move. This old ruler is a sign that my parents are happy I am here in Tucson. It is my priceless housewarming gift.


stevesurf said...

You are amazing, Monics! Only my dear sisters would be able to do things like that, tell a story and make this weary traveler smile. I gotta look like the Christopher Walken character in the "Weapon of Choice" video, but your touching story of how the gift made its way to you somehow is pretty amazing.

Well, time to jump on the red-eye from my one day trip from Vegas. Can I borrow the ruler to smack these flight attendants silly?

stevesurf said...

oops, almost forgot Kramer's famous line:

giddy up!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful story. And I was there!