Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Japanese Fabric, Courtesy of Steve

Don't you just love a brother who takes time from his international business travels to find fabric for an obsessed sister? While in Yokohama Stephen visited Sogo. Did you know that Sogo is the largest department store in the world....and that it houses Japan's first, in-department store museum of art? Stephen found Sogo's fabric department and, yes, he acquired several meters of these pretty textiles for me. Now I eagerly await his visit to Tucson...I have plans for those fabrics! Thank you, dear bro!


stevesurf said...

Cool, a brog...oops I mean a blog! I guess I am spending too much time in Japan. I am glad you like the fabric; the real thanks goes to my co-worker Julianna who patiently followed me after a 15 hr. flight, a 2 hr train ride and finding area 51 of subdivision 15 of floor 6F in the Yokohama Sogo.

Then I began randomly selecting fabric using the touch and feel technique, accompanied by a sleeping mask for my blindfold.

After the purchase, we went back down to the lower floor to procure bento box and eat hungrily in cab. But they ran out of sushi. This was a recurring theme for the rest of the trip.

DO not let them eat sushi, they are American! The next night we were forced to eat the Japanese version of Spanish food; excellent prciutto though.

Tonight, I got a sushi recommendation, showed up to the restaurant and they closed early, stating that Japan had run out of fish and they were diverting entire planes away from Tokyo.

We were forced to eat pork and salad.

Then we walked past a hipster kid practicing bmx wheelies. He was arrested for attempting to hurt himself.

Today's news shows Japan giving $10 billion to China to help THEM with their global warming problem!

I am now back in the room watching the Japanese version of the BBC, some story about Japanese women boxers beating on each other as a new hobby. Gangsta!

Tomorrow, which is your tomorrow today, I begin the long trip home, but first I must find loose Jasmine tea, a request from a cycling buddy.

It was my pleasure to find your fabric, sis!

Peggy said...

What a beautiful fabric stash your brother selected for you! Can't wait to see what you make from those colorful pieces of cloth.