Sunday, February 24, 2008

Can a Skydiver Be a Cowgirl?

Well…hell, yes! Especially if she is a talented, independent woman who was my friend in the wild and crazy days of 1970s college journalism.Maddy is her name. We lost touch after graduation but connected again three-plus decades later, when our college newspaper gang revived (an appropriate word for us geezers) contact.

She was one of the kooky ones. But a cowgirl, too? Hard to believe it, but, yes, that’s Maddy now. Gutsy as always, living solo, driving a pickup and maintaining a ranch in Texas.

Cowgirls are smart ….and I forgot to mention that after college Maddy became a nurse and also raised a family. I think she started skydiving after she moved from NY to Texas. As she wrote to our editor group recently: “Skydiving is safer and cheaper than a lot of other things I’ve gotten into, like marriage and dating.”

Maddy’s still taking pix and sent me one of her and Ginger (you figure out who is who!). As Tucson closes La Fiesta de los Vaqueros this week, I salute all cowgirls. And, especially, may I salute my cowgirl friends Maddy (this post) and Karen (see below). They are the rocks of their families, they tell it straight and they live life fully. You go, (cow)girls!


Leigh said...

Well said Monica. You've got a lot of that cowgirl in you too!

James Boehme said...

You must stop with these highly well writen Blogs......You are giving Leigh and me a bad name(blog)

Anonymous said...

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