Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Return of the "Sew Day"

Some of the greatest pleasures I've had here in the desert involve my re-discovering the joys of stitchery. Sewing certainly goes beyond the Simplicity patterns of my younger days. In fact, today's creative, no-rules sewing encompasses a whole new art form.

There is the classical art of embroidery, made even more special today with use of eclectic fibers and contemporary designs. There is a new respect for the heritage and methods behind sewn folk art. There is yarn and fabric collecting, patchwork and pieced quilting. There are local weavers and spinners to visit, and exploration of colorful organic and sustainable fibers. Tied in with all this is the dramatic growth of crafter communities, rooted regionally and internationally.

Here in the desert I've found a community of innovative crafters. These women are quality, serious crafters - miles above me in the craft of sewing - but they give me friendship as well as encouragement in exploring my own style.

So -- decades after my mom, sis and I held regular sewing days -- I'm happy to return to the practice. I'm armed with my own stash of fabric swatches, yarns, threads and buttons. My new Bernina (sewing machine) stands "at the ready."

Sometimes I have flashbacks to the days of "forced duty" at the sewing machine..and my new Bernina looks too imposing. But then I remember the fun days creating beautiful things at home, and I am drawn back.

Here's to the return of Sew Day! I won't be making prom dresses with my mom and sister, but I'll be having fun.


Leigh said...

Sew anything you want to.
Just enjoy the act of creating and comradeship with the materials and friends.

Jennifer said...

I am always up for a "sit and Knit" day!

James Boehme said...

I wasn't aware Both sisters could "Sew".Are you sure about that??????