Sunday, March 9, 2008

Window Dressing on Congress Street

In the nooks and crannies of Tucson, there are storefronts that give streets character and flair. Congress certainly has a colorful jewel in Preen, where window dressing is art.

The current window is so meticulously styled by the Preen ladies. I love the mannequin’s blue-laced/plaid dress, and the way “she” is framed by a display of smart pumps, a shelf of vintage linens, and an antique sewing station laden with buttons and books. Inside store displays are equally interesting. In one corner is a desk full of scarves, jewelry, cowboy shirts, bags and fiber arts. In another is a bookcase of CDs, tees, postcards and colorful swizzle sticks. There are plenty of pretty and unusual treasures at Preen – I visit it often. And while I love the merchandise, it’s fun to watch the ladies when they’re busy altering or decorating their own or a customer’s special apparel.

Here are two shop-owners who take such creative care of their displays and their product. I tip my vintage hat to the fabulous Erin and Emilie!


Leigh said...

A very nice post about two very nice people and their shop.

Julie Ray said...

Hi Monica,
Glad to discover your Tucson blog! I work a few doors down from Preen and have admired their windows.
Julie Ray

Jennifer said...

We'll have to take a trip there to talk about dress alterations!