Saturday, April 19, 2008

Two Tucson champions

In 2005, as Leigh and I pondered whether to move or not to move to Tucson, we stayed downtown at the Royal Elizabeth Bed & Breakfast during one of our visits. As New Yorkers, downtown vitality is very important to us, and we wanted a local B&B to help confirm that Tucson would have something to offer us. Leigh found the Liz on the Internet, and I’m happy he did.

Chuck and Jeff are the proprietors of the Royal Elizabeth Bed & Breakfast, and they manage a beautiful little corner of downtown living. For several days in 2005, these two guys, through their inn and their hospitality, showed us the possibilities of what would soon be our new city.The Liz is a stylish and architecturally-historic inn, complete with luxurious rooms and absolutely delicious breakfasts. A favorite time in the evening was cozying up in the library with a book off their shelf and a warm homemade cookie.

But beyond its superior inn qualities, the Liz was a Tucson bellwether for us, a testament to a city with possibilities. Chuck and Jeff are prominent in the Tucson business scene who believe in a revitalized Tucson future. They also are strong community advocates in their Iron Horse neighborhood group. In addition Chuck and Jeff are nice, friendly and generous individuals who run a great inn.

Just wanted to tip my hat to these two Tucson champions, whom I now consider friends.


stevesurf said...

Nice job Chuck and Jeff! You make Tucson a friedlier community...

Can you make the Tucson version of the Tour de French Toast?

I am a cyclist whose bike makes me look faster than I actually am and so I want to consume mass amounts of breakfast to slow down

;) Steve

Leigh said...

Steve, you'd be in the right place for a biker's power breakfast! Their food is creative and excellent.
And Monica, your post is excellent.

stevesurf said...

Leigh,'re photo/avatar is confusing me and I am confused enough as it is! You have an amazing shot of you taking a picture of yourself in a doorway; where's that :)

Leigh said...

Actually that's me taking a picture of me in the Rattle Snake Man's trailer while looking in an old mirror. Wait! Now I'm confused as well.