Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friend, Crafter, Wonderful Mom

I'm guilty of not posting lately on Tucson Cowgirl only because of freelance work (that's good) and other matters. Today, though, I'll find time for a special recognition. Although I am not a fan of commercially-induced holidays, it's Mother's Day weekend and time for a post to honor my mom.

She and my grandma were the first crafters in my life. My mom's forte was meticulous sewing, but I also admired her talents in drawing and, later in life, her collage artwork. She would hand-letter artful commemorative announcements, then burnish the paper in some way and finally craft her artwork onto an old matchbox, book or piece of wood. I did not have a formal wedding or invitation. My mom, wanting me to have a memory of my special event, hand-lettered and crafted an invitation for me. Of course I still have her art, and treasure it more than any expensive commercial stationery I could have purchased. I grew up watching my mom's appreciation of handmade crafts. That's how my love of crafting was formed. Thanks, Mom, for that great gift.

Beyond crafting, my sister, brother and I thank my mom for so many things. Her quiet goodness was a model for our lives. Her devotion to family ensured that her children share a priceless family bond for eternity. Her work habits (into the night, doing typing jobs to help pay the bills) reinforced the importance of responsibility in our lives. Her commitment, love and friendship with our dad gave us all a goal to shoot for in our own relationships. Thanks, Mom, for a value system that has served so well in my life.

Finally, a personal thanks to my mom for helping me be the best mom I could be for my son. I was a working mom in the early 1980s. Family and the workplace still didn't mix well in corporate life and it was almost impossible to grow a management career and be a good mother. My mom was there to give me encouragement and babysitting support. But mostly I treasure her just being there - always - with her generous love, offered with no qualifications.

On this Mother's Day, I honor my mother, Mary Conti Surfaro. I also celebrate motherhood, and pray that it continues as a positive, nurturing and healing force for all living things, for our earth and whatever is beyond.


Jennifer said...

beautiful post.

anme said...

Yes, you certainly have the gift for the magic of writing beautiful text, Monica! I love how describe Mommy-she will always be with us. She always told me that she was so happy that she had us because she said we always will have eachother... and then another gift came- our baby brother-now three and we will always treasure those special memories forever, anme

Kathy said...

Monica, this was a beautiful sentiment of your mom! I also want to say, that I witnessed firsthand your ability to be a wonderful mom in your own right, as you were working on your career.