Saturday, May 3, 2008

Say Hi to Hogs at Downtown Tucson's Rally

I'm a fan of Harleys -- those machines are sexy Americana to me. Their riders symbolize a bit of the wild west, live-free-or-die attitude that's so much a part of my quirky Tucson.

I'm happy that the Arizona State Hog Rally is being held in downtown Tucson again this year. It's a great weekend event -- The lineup of bikes and people along Congress is incredible. There's a lot pride among the riders and so much camaraderie. They're a welcoming group, too - they don't mind sharing stories or allowing a photo to be taken.

Go downtown and take a look. Tip your hat to a great American brand -- Harley-Davidson -- and to the people who support it. The scene is fun and and it's a great slice of funky life in our Tucson.


James Boehme said...

Gee, this must be a tie into your husband's(leigh) blog. Two against one....not fair..

Leigh said...

As usual, slicker than mine.
And very good.
Lucky I didn't post my version of that Rialto photo as well. They really would have looked alike (even though yours is better.)