Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Reminder of What Is Important

This pretty dove decided to set up her nursery in the eave outside our living room window. We've watched her for several weeks now, and her intro to motherhood has not been easy. One of her eggs fell out of the nest and was lost. Poor Leigh had to do the burial. But one chick made it. We have been blessed every morning to see this baby grow and grow. We also enjoy observing the pretty dove mom mature in her mothering responsibilities. She has become quite adept at feeding and sheltering and entertaining her chick each day.

When the newspaper headlines of war, natural disasters or economy woes get the better of me, I go look at the mother dove and her chick, and know that some things are right in this world. We only need to take time to look for them.


James Boehme said...

These Doves look like my Doves. Did you steal my Doves....Let me go look. Wait a minuet I will be back............... No, mine are still there.

Jennifer said...

What a nice reminder Monica! Thank you.