Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's raw, beautiful outsider art

Entry to the Museum of Modern Art is a small fortune nowadays, but I willingly lay out the bills when I travel to New York. My goal this trip was to see "Glossolalia," an amazing outside-the-boundaries show about outsider art. I look at the fantastic drawings and ramblings of these artists (some institutionalized and some just wacky) and wonder....what universe is real? Such magnificent, intricate beauty created by individuals labeled as crazy. Sometimes I prefer their world.

Walked everywhere in Manhattan during this trip. 40-plus blocks to Union Square. Then a sojourn to the west side Apple store. Another day's browse through the Garment District. And a final trip 40 more blocks uptown, for a pilgrimage to my favorite -- the Tender Buttons store.

Yes, I love New York. But on the flight back, when we circled those Catalinas, a dusty little Tucson seemed to say, "welcome home." Funny, but I didn't seem to mind that I had left MOMA and that ever-fabulous New York City behind. Enjoy my museum pix of Leigh and the outsider show!


Leigh said...

Yes, and my feet didn't even hurt one bit.
My back did. Could be the impossibly hard bed in the hotel
It was a very nice trip. Enjoyed the MOMA and visiting with family and almost long lost friends.
And most of all, enjoyed doing it with Monica.
Nice pic of me. You're a good photographer. But, don't get cocky kid!

Jennifer said...

Great photo of Leigh! We walked up a storm in DF too. Isn't amazing how city walking doesn't make you tired? Maybe all the sites, sounds and smells distract us from focusing on the distance.

Julie Ray said...

The exhibit sounds great. I'll have to check it out on the MOMA website. I love NYC! Did you see the Murakami exhibit while you were there?

Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

no - didn't see that exhibit. but MOMA is Japan-crazy with all its Muji and gift displays...japanese fibers, art, toys, books, papers everywhere!