Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pay It Forward

My special Tucson friend at She Weds posted a challenge this past week about Paying it Forward. I was one of the first 3 comments on her blog, so I'm in the game and paying it forward to you.

The point of this is not to encourage a form of blog chain letter, but to create momentum on doing an act of kindness without expecting anything in return other than that the recipient will, in their turn, pass the kindness along and pay it forward.

I have agreed to send something nice to the first 3 bloggers who post a comment on this Tucson Cowgirl blog entry. I'm assuming that "something nice" can be a token of some sort that will make someone smile and hold some form of positive meaning. In turn, those "first three commenters" who respond to my post will honor the pay it forward concept to the first 3 people who post on their blog… and so on. Please note my little pay it forward needs to be mailed (it is a token, honest), I can only pay it forward within the United States. My little token is something eco-conscious. So if you're interested in participating in this, be one of the first three to leave a comment. Please remember that if you agree to pay it forward, you need to post this acknowledgment on your blog, link to me, and pay it forward to three more people.

In this past week of economic disarray, political mean-spiritness and shifting priorities, I believe a reaching out to extend a friendly gesture is worthwhile. The world seems to be rocking on its foundation in so many ways, I hope little things like this can help.


Julie Ray said...

What a great idea! I agree that we need more positive action in the midst of so much depressing news. I will pay it forward!

Marlene said...

Oh, yes, something positive! I'm all for that! How about my affirmation for the day: I am thankful for good friends like my tucson cowgirl :-)

Leigh said...
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Leigh said...

OK, I'll try this again.
I'd love to participate.
Great idea.
We all need a little "Pay It Forward" right about now, pardner.