Monday, November 10, 2008

Honoring Souls in a Most Colorful, Creative, Cultural Tucson Procession

OK, this is one of the reasons I love Tucson: Picture a wildly colorful parade of mourners, all in elaborate costumes and paint, walking with dogs, puppets, bikes, cymbals or floats. Then envision a giant pyrotechnic display and a bonfire made by burning a giant urn, which contains mementos from loved ones or poems or wishes from the public. Then envision thousands of people, some stilt walkers, some dancers, some of whom traveled here from Europe just to participate.
It's the All Souls Procession -- started in 1990 by an artist who wanted to tie in with the region's lovely Dia De Los Muertos traditions and at the same time remember her dad who had just died. Designed to honor and grieve loved ones who have passed on, the evening is a grand Tucson event which engages everyone in the community. Leigh and I went with our cameras, and next year I'll be there in face paint.

Some people love our weather (yes, it's gorgeous) but I am in love with the magic found in Tucson's wonderful regional traditions of nature, arts and culture. Life and death, with all their beauty and sorrow, certainly wove a lovely tapestry of music and pomp last night. Congrats to the Many Mouths One Stomach community group who organized the procession.

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Leigh said...

Like I said, If you want to see a much, much, much better depiction of All Souls Day Procession, you need look no further. Nice job Monica.
So, can I paint your face next year?