Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's the Day After the Day After

I enjoyed today's NPR Talk of the Nation report -- From Africa and Europe came calls and emails thanking America for giving the world hope. I worry a bit over all the iconic adulation -- our wonderful President-elect is only one individual! It takes many individuals, millions working together, to put us back together again and on the best track. Note to President-elect Obama, I wish you humility, energy, intelligence, conscience and integrity as you make your decisions. Ask us for our help and tell us how we can help you achieve what you promised. Choose wisely in selecting the core team to help you.

Expectations are so high. We look out into one glorious sunset after another as weather cools here in Tucson, and you can't help but feel positive. Yet, we continue to struggle horribly with economic, environmental and international woe. And, yes, it's a mess out there.

But...look at that sunset and think about the future. The balance is coming soon.

(Great sunset photo by my friend and husband Leigh Spigelman)

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