Wednesday, December 31, 2008

An Explorer's Butterfly on New Year's Eve

First pix taken by my new iPhone is an Australian blue tiger butterfly, which I found resting in the temporary aviary set up at the Tucson Botanical Garden. I read that the great navigator Captain James Cook saw masses of these butterflies in 1770 nearby the coastlands of Queensland. And here they are in Tucson.

Today we dismantle the Rooted in Place exhibit that Leigh and Jim installed (with Peggy's help) downtown. It was a good photographic show that focused on the importance of placemaking in our lives. As my family travels back to New York after one week of holiday good times here in Tucson, the concept of placemaking as a state of mind (and one that resides in the heart) takes on new meaning. I miss them already.

December 31 - It's a turning of the page. It's also our 36th anniversary. A day to look ahead to a good 2009. I raise my wine glass (and my iPhone, my journal and my camera) in a toast with blessings to us all.

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Jennifer said...

Happy anniversary! Congrats on 36 years. D and I looked forward to 09 with a bit of trepadation and sorrow of leaving 08 (a year to top all years) behind us.