Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Cheesecake in oven, a Bouche De Noel in the fridge, sauce on the stove, meat, bread, greens and cheese bought and tree adorned. Hannukah candles readied for another night. And family members mid-route to Tucson, having escaped NY rains (only to face more desert rains here tomorrow). No matter. It's Christmas celebrations with those we love.

I am so lucky to have good people in my life and around our table tomorrow. I bless each of them:
  • My sis, AnneMarie, whose friendship I treasure,
  • My bro, Steve, a computer/engineering genius with a sweet heart,
  • Jim, a friend for decades, now a brother-in-law,
  • The true center of our life - Brett, so wise and handsome. How could this sensible, intelligent, non-proft pro/rock star be our son?
  • Leigh, for 36 years, my best friend and husband. We've shared so much and our love just continues to grow. My joy in life is to know I have shared (and will continue to share) so much with a partner I cherish, have fun with, enjoy and love.
  • Bisbee - Our always perky and dapper 10-year old standard poodle. He is the old man of the house and we love him, gumpy feet, stinky and all.
That's the lineup for the Tucson Christmas Day table. Across the miles, from California, to Oklahoma, Florida, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, UK, France, and Italy the rest of our family on all sides will celebrate in different circles. But there's no doubt - our large and loving family net holds us all close this holiday, and builds within each of us a spirit that truly is the holiday's most precious gift.

May it be so all around the world. May all people, all religions, all walks of life, stop and remember the important, good messages of this season. Share the good that comes to us! Happy Holidays!

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Leigh said...

And I know you're terrific as well.
Love you.