Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What will you do to improve community today?

Wrote this a long, long time ago. It's still something I look at, to help remind me of little steps I can take today to help my community be livable. My top 20 list of little steps:
  1. Buy something local.
  2. Pick up a piece of litter every day.
  3. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper to support an important comunity project.
  4. Help a local school, what can I teach a younger generation?
  5. Plant a tree (native) or shrub or plant in an area in need of improvement.
  6. Promote the good works of a local businesses.
  7. Fix something instead of buying new.
  8. Organize a gathering of neighbors, family or friends, just for sake of community.
  9. Recycle something.
  10. Do something to beautify your community. Even if it is pruning your plants in front yard!
  11. Donate something or dispose of it properly.
  12. Volunteer at a senior residence and respect the older generation.
  13. Keep your local government officials accountable.
  14. Support your library.
  15. Read about a resource and pass it on.
  16. Believe in something (a good cause, of course) and stand up for it.
  17. Be kind to wildlife and the biodiversity of our environment.
  18. If you can help a neighbor, even if it is just to extend a positive comment, do so.
  19. Conserve energy in your home or workplace. Turn those lights off when not in use.
  20. Don't waste one drop of water.
One small step every day, for community and for our earth.


Leigh said...

And you mean every word!

Susan said...

Thanks for the good words to start the day with. Next week I'm buying a velvet mesquite to plant at Placita de la Luna.

tucson web design said...

What a great list, thank you! You clearly put some thought into it.